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There are many different types of garage heaters out there that are designed to fit a wide range of different applications. In recent years manufacturers in this industry have outdone themselves in providing only the best units with high levels of efficiency and practicability for their customers.

These units have literally redefined most people lifestyle especially as far as the garage is concerned as they tend to make these spaces more habitable especially during the chilly months. Since the garage is normally not part of the central heating network it can get very chilly making it almost impossible to use at times.


However with these heaters one can carry on with their normal garage based activities at all times. Apart from their remarkable efficiency these units also tend to come in many different types and designs which are created to fit different types of applications. For example some heaters are designed for large scale commercial use such as in large warehouses and jobsites while others are smaller and more useful in small scale home applications. While looking to enjoy these units it is thus important to come up with an appropriate picture of what one requires from it so that they can make the decision easily.

Fuel type

There are numerous types of garage heaters usually differentiated by the fuel they use. Some of the most common and popular units in this market include the gas based heaters and electric heaters among others. While looking for an appropriate heater it is important to carefully review the pros and cons that each of these units’ posses for best results. Some of the most common heaters include the propane gas based heaters that have in recent years taken over this industry. These heaters offer unmatched efficiency coupled with an environmental friendliness that is rare in today’s market.

Portable or fixed

This is another popular category of the garage heaters that is readily available in most home appliance stores. With these types one can chose the one that perfectly suits their needs as they both come with different unique features.