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Propane wall heaters are special kinds of heaters that apply modern state of the art technology in heating up rooms in both homes and commercial settings. These heaters are usually designed to be as effective as possible as they must heat up large areas. However given the fact that they tend to apply the popular liquid propane gas as the fuel of choice which is extremely energy efficient they are very effective and thus ideal in most applications. Other features that have increasingly made these types of heaters into a popular customers choice in recent years include their clean energy feature that is very environmentally friendly ensuring.

Additionally with such a device at home or in a commercial setting one is likely to enjoyed unmatched cost effectiveness that comes in reduced energy bills, low long term maintenance cost and low occurrence of accidents or damage to equipment which translates to lower maintenance costs. To enjoy these and many more striking advantages offered by these devices the following are important features that one should always look out for in their device of choice.


Safety features

Being essentially an indoors heater the propane wall heaters should always come with important safety features at all times. Some of the most popular features found in ordinary gadgets include the handy oxygen depletion sensor. This sensor is ingeniously designed to create an alert each and every time the oxygen levels go below a certain point due to the use of this device.

While using this heater certain processes such as the combustion of propane may lead to the production of slight amount of carbon monoxide which is renowned for its fatalness. With extended use these heaters may contribute an unhealthy amount of this colorless and odorless gas into the atmosphere leading to severe headaches, nausea and even death in extreme cases.

Another notable safety features that one should always look out for is the nitrogen oxide sensor. This sensor works in the same way as the oxygen level sensor only it gives an alert when levels of this particular gas exceed a certain measurement.

Control features

Like many other devices the propane wall heaters tend to pose a challenge to most people especially for the first few times they are being used. To avoid having to study real hard to use them one should chose a heater with relatively easy to use controls and parts especially when it comes to heat level controls, switching it on and off among other control measures.