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Although propane heaters are a fairly new technology in the ever growing energy and heating industry they have literally redefined this market. For many years experts and even consumers have been searching for that elusive heating device that combines optimum efficiency, unmatched versatility and also happens to be environmentally friendly to no avail.

However with these heaters one can enjoy all these and many more striking benefits at whichever instance they chose to use these heaters. Whether one is looking to use a heating device in a large scale commercial setting or right at home these devices never disappoint.

To make them more attractive and useful to more people these devices come in many different types and designs that further ensure that they serve their purpose more effectively. The following are different types of heaters in the market today that one should be aware of before making the all important decision to invest in these gadgets.


Convection heater

The convection propane heater is one of the most popular heater in the market today used in a wide variety of heating applications. This heater applies one of the simplest heating methods known as convection which states that a gas or liquid when heated tends to become lighter and thus rise allowing cooler fluids to take its place and the cycle continues until all the fluid is completely heated.

This principle is actually very simple and has been applied in a wide range of heating purposes for centuries in daily activities such as cooking. This type of heater comes with obvious advantages such as its ability to heat up a room or any space very quickly and retaining this heat even when its switched off.

Additionally while using it to heat water it applies the same great features of efficiency at all times.

Propane infrared heaters

These propane heaters tend to radiate heat to all objects including people much like the sun does. The working principle ensures that the surrounding air is not usually heated thus leading to a considerable efficiency that saves on precious fuel. This heater is particularly popular with outdoor applications which call for heating of extensive areas that can be very hard to achieve while using other forms of heating such as convectional heating.

Apart from their clean burning and environmental friendly nature these heaters tend to be very low priced, effective in all applications and very easy to set up and carry around.

Portable propane heaters

As the name suggests these heaters usually come with a standalone set kit that doesn’t require any external fuel such as electricity. Given the fact that they are normally infrared based heaters they tend to apply the highly effective radiation heating method that concentrates on heating surround objects instead of wasting energy on surrounding air.

These heaters are usually very powerful and are thus particularly ideal for large scale applications such as commercial construction sites, camping trips or any other outdoor activity. Since such applications usually call for larger amounts of energy their particular efficiency tends to make a huge difference in power consumption at all times.

Water heaters

Water heating is probably one of the most common heating tasks that tends to gobble up a large percentage of power used in any home or even commercial establishment. In most cases heated water finds lots of applications from showering, cleaning to even cooking and as such one should ensure that they only use the best and most efficient heating method to avoid running up their energy bills. The propane water heater is one such great option which uses very little energy to heat even large amounts of water by convection.

With this technology once water is heated it tends to stay with the warmth for a long period of time much like heated air stays warm for some time even after the heater is switched off. This particular feature ensures that one can actually considerably reduce the amount of energy they are using for this particular task. Additionally with an appropriate heater one can ensure that they only switch on this device when absolutely necessary to save on energy. While looking to enjoy these and many advantages that come with most propane heaters one should make their way to the nearest home accessories store such as Home Depot or the popular Lowes stores for more information.