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A portable heater is a heating appliance that is usually self contained and can be moved from one place to another for specialized and contained heating purposes. In most cases these appliances are stand alone units with no external connections to gas tanks or electricity lines making them easy to move around even outside buildings.

When looking to exclusively heat a room and area or a particular space these heaters are particularly useful. These heaters are thus used in places such as the garage or barns and the basement or any other room or space which is not connected to the main central heating units. Additionally one can also use these appliances for a wide range of outdoor activities such as on patios, backyards, for sporting events, hunting and camping among many others.

The numerous striking benefits offered by this appliance makes it ideal for use in situations named above among many others a factor that has led to its increasing popularity. The following is a brief list only a few of the most striking benefits that one is likely to enjoy while using this appliance.



Since a portable heater is easy to move around it is only used in specific areas when the need arises. Unlike most forms of heating appliances and units this heater Only serves when and where it is needed thus ensuring that there is no unnecessary waste of energy at any times.

Self contained

For this appliance to be portable it has to be self contained meaning that it doesn’t come with a complicated array of accessories and gadgets for it to operate efficiently. In most cases these appliances don’t require any external features such as accompanying gas tanks or electric connections which can considerably degrade portability.

Easy to control and safe

In most cases the portable heater comes with a range of clearly labeled and easy to control controls that ensures anyone can use it. Its safety features are particularly impressive as it tends to switch off after the heat in a room has reached a given level for safety.