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The big buddy heater is a highly efficient heating appliance from the illustrious Mr. Heater Company. These appliances usually come in many different designs, types and even sizes all designed to fit a wide range of different preferences and applications. Apart from their impressive variety this company has also ensured that these units are unchallenged when it comes to the sheer number of striking benefits they offer their users.

In most cases these units are created using the latest and most innovative technological practices that make highly effective and easy to use appliances at all times. When in the market for a heating appliance one should always ensure that they check out this company’s catalogue first before straying over to the rest of the market. Some of the most popular features that have made these products into such important items in most households are listed below.



Big buddy heater comes in many different and unique types that are designed to meet a wide range of specific situations and applications. From their extremely popular portable heaters which are very compact and easy to move around to their fixed heaters one is clearly spoilt for choice. Other appliances that one is likely to find in this store include the different fuel type units. The most common are the gas based heaters or the electric based heaters which both have attractive features that make them ideal for different applications.

Safety features

Safety is one of the most important features that any good big buddy heater worth its salt should have. With most appliances from this brand this feature is particularly enhanced with a wide range of tweaks and fittings. These include the overheating sensors, the emergency cut off switches which are automatically applied in case of an emergency or the many clearly labeled control buttons that make it very easy to use them. While looking to enjoy these benefits all one needs to do is make their way to a reputable store for one of these units.