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In recent years the portable propane heater has become an extremely important household name in the energy heating industry due to its excellent features. These heaters are usually innovatively designed to deliver maximum power at minimum cost while ensuring that they are very environmentally friendly at all times.

These among many other numerous features have actually made propane based heaters into a must have for all types of people as they are equally effective and thus ideal for both commercial large scale and residential home applications. While looking to invest in these gadgets though there are many features that one should look out for if they are to enjoy a cost effective and very enjoyable heating experience.



Like most devices that involve one form of heating or other a portable propane heater should always come with safety enhancing features that are effective and functional at all times. Some of the most popular features found in a majority of these devices include the accidental tip over safety shutoff system that tends to instantly switch off the device in case of an accident. With this system one can sit back and relax especially if they happen to be using this device in a different room or location confident that it will not cause any damage in case of any toppling over accidents.

Another popular safety feature that comes with most of these devices is the automatic low oxygen shutoff system. When this device has effectively heated the surrounding air or objects to a certain level it is equipped with sensors that shut it off. As much as this feature ensure safety it also enhances the efficiency of these devices at all times.

Ease in control

Although most modern devices come with a list of hard to decipher control mechanism one should always ensure that their heater of choice is easy to use especially for all members of the family. Some of the most popular features that enhance this include the Low, medium, and high heat level control knob for steady temperatures and the Swivel regulators and single control. These features ensures that one accurately adjust the temperatures at any time as they also tend to kick in instantly further enhancing the great features of this heater.

Finally being a portable propane heater this device should have the ability to run off a propane tank wherever it is placed or have handy wall clipping pegs to stabilize it. Other notable and highly beneficial features include an ability to provide substantial heat and overall durability.