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A garage heater is a highly efficient heating appliance used specifically for providing warmth in a garage especially during the chilly months. Since the garage is not traditionally connected to the central heating this appliance tends to be specially designed to ensure that one works comfortably in these places at all times.

Apart from their remarkable convenience these units are also popular for their unmatched cost effectiveness and overall efficiency that makes them better for exclusive heating purposes. These appliances thus come with important features that are exclusive to them making them ideal for such applications. While looking to get the best out of these units its thus important to look out for significant features that they should always posses as listed below.


Garage Header Type

While shopping for an appropriate garage heater it is important to choose the right type for ones particular purposes. The most common types of heaters out there include the portable heaters, electric heaters, gas heaters amongst others. All these units’ posses different and unique advantages that makes them ideal for many different applications.

Garage Header Capacity

The most important factor that one must always consider is capacity and heat range. The garage is usually poorly insulated and this leads to a loss of substantial heat during the heating process. As such one should always ensure that their heater of choice is designed to cover long range heating purposes for best results.

Garage Header Safety

Unlike in the past, manufacturers have gone out of their way to enhance the overall safety features of the garage heater. In most cases these units come with discharge grills and finger-proof intakes to help in preventing burns high temperature heating limit and a highly effective and sensitive automatic shut-off feature if the unit were to tip-over. These features are only a few of the many that usually come with these units which make them a true delight to use in many types of scenarios and applications at all times.