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Portable heaters are a relatively new entrant into the highly competitive heating appliances industry. However despite this; these devices have literally redefined this industry becoming an instant hit with most home owners due to their numerous striking features. Apart from their portability meaning that they can easily be moved from place to place depending on where one needs them these appliances can also be used in a wide range of situations and applications including the outdoors.

These among many other striking benefits offered by these units have made them very important in most localized and highly specialized heating applications. Indeed while looking to heat specific rooms or area such as the garage, barn or basement these heaters are definitely the obvious choice. To fully enjoy these and many other striking benefits offered by these units one should always ensure that they use the following tips while purchasing them.


Consider the fuel type

There are two main types of portable heaters when it comes to the fuel used to operate them. These are the gas heaters and the electric heaters. The gas heaters are very popular due to their remarkable fuel efficiency and ability to serve efficiently especially in cases of emergencies or in outdoor applications such as camping. On the other hand electric heaters are popular for their increased level of power and overall convenience as they don’t require refilling.

Safety features

Since portable heaters are basically based on heating they can be very risky to operate. Some of the most common safety features that one should always look out for include Cut-off devices in cases of an emergency such as toppling over and overheating protection switches which tend to automatically switch off the heater once the heat levels reach a given level to avoid overheating a room. Other popular safety features that one should look out for include flame-resistant cases which tend to eliminate any danger of the device catching fire during use.