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Factors To Consider While Choosing A Propane Patio Heater

A propane patio heater is a highly specialized heating device that uses liquid propane as a fuel to heat the outdoor patio. In most cases these gadgets are innovatively designed using only the best state of the art technology to meet high levels of efficiency and cost effectiveness. Although they are made from many different manufacturers and tend to have many different useful features these devices tend to apply a common principle of operation called convection.

In convection air surrounding the device is usually heated up causing it to decrease in density which allows cooler but more dense air to take its place. With time this cycle repeats itself and leads to a warmer porch within a very short time. Apart from its obvious efficiency and ease of use this type of heater also happens to be very environmentally friendly and a notable source of clean energy that also happens to be very cost effective especially in the long run. While looking to enjoy these and many other benefits offered by these devices there are a list of important factors that one should always consider for a better experience.


Heat rating

As with most devices any propane patio heater out there usually comes with an industry set standard that simply determines how much heat it can give off in a given duration. Usually measured in BTUs or British Thermal Units these calibrations determines how big a heater is and in turn how much it costs. In most cases patio heaters tend to be smaller than many other heavy duty heaters in the industry today. Another related factor that one should always consider is the physical size of the heater. These heaters tend to come in two main designs; that is full size which measures about 90 inches and the popular table top heater measuring about 35inches tall. This size has everything to do with the rating and the larger a heater is the higher its rating thus one should carefully consider their particular needs before jumping in to buy any such heater.


For a propane patio heater to be effective it has to be mobile. In most cases home owners usually go for the wildly popular portable heaters that are designed to stand alone and tend to come with an accompanying tank of propane. These devices are very compact and tend to be very useful in a wide range of many other applications including in outdoor activities such as camping or entertainment.